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Tipis Increasing in Popularity at Campgrounds

Hundreds of years ago, the nomadic Native American tribes of the Great Plains would move about from place to place, sleeping in tipis. Although tipis were not used by Native American tribes in California, growing numbers of campgrounds are now providing furnished tipis rentals for their guests.

“Tipis truly provide a unique way to camp, and growing numbers of campgrounds are investing in them, particularly campgrounds that cater to families with children,” said Debbie Sipe, executive director and CEO of the California Association of RV Parks and Campgrounds, which hosts

Scott Cory, who co-owns and operates the Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday in Santa Paula, started off with three tipis when the campground opened in 2010 and now offers 11 tipi rentals.

“Tipi campers tend to start out as tent campers,” Cory said. “They are very popular with young families and scouting groups. Tipis are rugged, but comfortable.”

The tipis at the Ventura Ranch KOA Holiday are furnished with queen beds, and bunk beds with a single on top and a double bed on the bottom – enough to sleep a family of 5.

The tipis are also set up on concrete floors.

“We did that because it makes it easier to go from inside living to outside living,” Cory said. “No one has to get dirty or step in the dirt.”

Several other California campgrounds also offer tipis as unique rental accommodations, including campgrounds where one would not typically expect to find tipis. These include:

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