TireMinder Enforces Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy

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Minder Research, in an effort to not allow Amazon and Walmart to “dwindle” the price of its TireMinder systems, has issued a “Do Not Ship” request to all of its distributors. In line with the adoption of a Minimum Advertised Pricing Policy (MAPP), the company has asked to “respectfully” halt all shipments to and Walmart Stores.

“While this is great for new/would-be TireMinder customers, some of our products are currently being sold at prices even our distributors couldn’t compete with,” noted a statement issued by the company. “Competition is healthy, this is true. However, selling at a significant loss to block competitor sales is not, in our opinion, morally right.”

Minder requests the hold be in place until the pricing issue is corrected.

Until then, TireMinder TPMS can be purchased online or through reputable RV dealers and retailers throughout North America.

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