TnT Program Seeks Additional Partnerships in 2018

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The highly successful Technician in Training (TnT) Program administered by RVIA is looking to include more suppliers in their hands-on training program.

RVIA’s Education Department works with industry supplier members to provide product-specific, hands-on training to technicians in dealerships nationwide. The Association provides a representative to schedule training in the dealership, enrollment of participants, and a reimbursement stipend for the trainer’s travel expenses.

The process was streamlined in 2016 to facilitate more training sessions and increase the number of technicians trained.

“RVIA’s Training is currently provided at approximately 150 dealerships across the United States,” said RVIA’s Sharonne Lee, senior director of education at RVIA. “Multiple, consecutive events are scheduled to take place simultaneously and we are looking to expand on the number of locations in 2018. TnT and its partner supplier members have provided valuable training to 2,000 RV service technicians nationwide this fiscal year.”

The RVIA Education Department looks to increase the number of trained techs next year and is looking for additional partnerships with supplier members who can provide hands-on training in dealerships. Scheduling for the 2018 training season will begin soon.

To receive detailed information about providing RV service technician training and to sign on as a partner with the TnT Program, please contact Tammy Holland, education specialist at 574-549-9069 or [email protected]

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