Genesis Supreme RV with the GlowStep Revolution
Genesis Supreme RV with the GlowStep Revolution

Torklift Partners with Genesis Supreme RV

Torklift International is partnering with Genesis Supreme RV, a California-based toy hauler manufacturer, who is offering the GlowStep Revolution on a selection of its units. 

“We are excited to work with Genesis on this offering,” said Torklift International President Jack Kay. “Genesis is a premier, luxury toy hauler manufacturer who has so much traction in the industry for their quality craftsmanship that goes into each and every RV they develop.”

The GlowStep Revolution is an RV step that stores under the RV entryway with no loss of ground clearance, according to the company. It features a multi-link hinge design that adjustably extends to accommodate tight space constraints. It also features 7 inches of elevation adjustment at the top and bottom of the step to accommodate uneven terrain.

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