Torque King 4×4 Offers Dual Rear Wheel Hub Assembly for Dodge RAM 3500 Trucks

Torque King

Torque King is now offering a new, high-performance dual rear wheel (DRW) hub assembly designed for 2012-2018 Dodge RAM 3500 trucks. This component is capable of offering long-lasting, reliable durability, making it tough for any demanding job.

The TKA11792 dual rear-wheel hub for RAM 3500 4x4s is made from premium, strong billet steel. Each DRW assembly is CNC machined to offer unmatched strength that holds up under intense driving conditions. Manufactured in Montana, this wheel hub assembly includes pre-installed wheel studs and high-quality Timken bearing cups: the Inner QU50377 and Outer QU50411.

According to Torque King, this dual rear-wheel hub assembly is specially designed by Torque King with significant attention to detail, as a top-quality, U.S.A.-made, heavy-duty steel replacement for QU11144 cast iron (RAM 68138151AA) OEM rear hub assembly. It can only be ordered through the Torque King website. In fact, when the assembly is manufactured, the Torque King quality assurance team tests the part in many different ways to ensure all components work as intended and are optimized for performance.

The TKA11792 DRW Hub is shipped without a brake rotor and bolts. The following parts can be ordered individually:

  • QU11719 (rotor bolts)
  • QU80098 (brake rotor)

Additionally, matching parts for this hub assembly can be purchased if needed. These components include the QU10847 axle shaft flange gasket, QU50246 wheel seal and Timken wheel bearings QU05376 (inner) and QU50412 (outer).

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