TRA Adds Label for Off-Grid RVs

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TRA Certification

TRA Certification has added a new label to denote the most advanced environmental RVs receiving its certification, the company said in a news release.

Currently there is a “Certified Green” label that encompasses RVs that have earned certifications from Bronze to Gold. There is also the “Emerald” label for manufacturers that have earned this highest level of green certification.

A third label was recently created for RVs that have earned “Emerald” certification and are off-grid solar RVs. It was prompted by the Ecoluxe talent trailer, invented and produced by Hollywood Trucks, the first off-grid & Emerald-rated “green” RV, the company said in a news release.

Multiple RV manufacturers offer solar-ready RVs. This option earns RVs points, but the certification company wanted to address the manufacturers that install solar at the factory level.

This is the case with the Ecoluxe; its Ecoluxe Clean Energy System is installed by a manufacturer. The system allows for the entire RV to be powered by solar and thermal technologies and run “off grid”.

Look for the “Certified Green” labels on RVs and Park Models to ensure a healthier and more efficient living space. Visit the Green Certified RVs website at


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