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Trader Interactive Releases ‘TraderConnect’ for OEM Websites

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Online marketplace Trader Interactive announced a new product, TraderConnect, that embeds current RV Trader, Cycle Trader, Commercial Truck Trader or Equipment Trader listings from affiliated dealers in a special webpage on OEM websites to drive new leads.

The program creates a new direct sales channel, the company said, developed and maintained entirely by Trader with OEM branding options, without requiring OEMs to build and manage their own marketplace pages.

According to Trader Interactive, Grech RV and Diamond C Trailers have already launched TraderConnect solutions, showcasing available dealer inventory on their respective websites, and Legend Premium Trailers will introduce their own TraderConnect webpage called “The Legend Marketplace.” All Legend inventory listed on Equipment Trader will be displayed on The Legend Marketplace and updated in real time.

TraderConnect includes:

  • Additional lead generation channel for authorized dealers
  • The ability to leverage traffic and lead data from the embedded listings
  • An in-website shopping experience that discourages further off-site searches leading to other brands
  • Elimination of the time and expense of building and maintaining their own marketplace solution
  • White-label design options to fit the OEM’s brand identity
  • The ability to leverage Trader’s industry-leading traffic volumes, large numbers of monthly unique listings, innovative dealer ad options and proprietary back-end technology
  • Assistance from Trader Interactive’s sales, technology and marketing experts

“OEM websites are a vital source of information for buyers, so the ability to provide on-site dealer listings can significantly increase the visibility of units for sale. Our new TraderConnect program offers a seamless solution for adding this new touchpoint for brands whose dealers advertise on our marketplaces,” said John Ryneska, director of OEM partnerships at Trader Interactive. “Our OEM partners can now showcase affiliated dealer listings on their own sites, gain key new traffic and lead insights, and create a valuable new source of leads with the potential to drive significant incremental sales growth – all without requiring any in-house development or management overhead.”

“Equipment Trader has become our top choice for showcasing dealer inventory, and TraderConnect essentially doubles the value by repurposing those listings to create a secondary marketplace on our own website,” said Cody Matkin, CEO at Legend Premium Trailers. “We expect this partnership to have a significant impact on building our visibility and growth opportunities.”

The new TraderConnect program is now live for RV, powersports, commercial truck and equipment dealers.

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