Trailer Valet team
Trailer Valet team

Trailer Valet Aids Those in COVID-19 Crisis

Trailer Valet has announced its initiative to support the RV industry with products, in light of the recent letter penned to Vice President Mike Pence by the RV Industry Association. 

Trailer Valet is committed to helping trailer owners move their trailers with ease, the company stated. With the recent efforts in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, this mission has become even greater. The company is gearing up to support companies in the RV industry who are directly aiding this cause by offering to donate select movers and jacks.

Additionally, Trailer Valet is committed to providing sourcing support to manufacturers for OEM products through their SuperTech brand. 

“It’s a tricky time for all of us,” said Ted Chen, CEO of Trailer Valet. “We want to do everything we can to help our fellow industry partners and companies while we fight the effects of the pandemic. Even though we are also feeling the negative effects of this lockdown, we believe that helping the industry as a whole means that we all win in the end.” 

The “shelter-in-place” order issued by California officials, and many other states, has forced all non-essential businesses to close their doors and cease operations. However, as mentioned by Craig Kirby, president of RVIA, RV units can “serve a critical role in times of national emergency.”

Trailer Valet specializes in a variety of moving systems but also supplies jacks and couplers to the RV, marine and cargo trailer industries that can be of great assistance at a time like this, according to the company. 

“We ask that our fellow industry leaders and partners don’t hesitate to reach out to us,” said Rico Lucero, director of sales at Trailer Valet. “As our direct-to-consumer capacities have been limited, we have the bandwidth to really focus on supporting our dealers as they contribute to this nation-wide cause. It hits close to home and we want to help however we can.” 

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