SuperTech pipe mount swivel jack
SuperTech pipe mount swivel jack

Trailer Valet Launches Line of OEM Products

Ted Chen, owner of Trailer Valet, recently launched SuperTech, a line of OEM couplers, jacks, and other trailer-centric products. 

The Trailer Valet team is looking to provide its products and services to specific companies who align with its vision to improve the trailer industry, according to the company. 

“We want to find partners who match up with us in terms of energy, mentality, and the simple focus on innovation,” said Chen. “I think we’ve built some great relationships with the Trailer Valet brand already, but we saw an opportunity to serve manufacturers and dealers in a different way. We want to be the choice reliable partner of OEM parts while elevating the overall customer experience. … We’ve learned a lot about this industry through Trailer Valet over the years. I wanted to take those same lessons about supply chain, customer service, and branding and bring it directly to manufacturers.” 

SuperTech products are available now.

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