Travel Lite Aims to Expand Truck Camper Category with Rayzr Line

Among yesterday’s shipment report from the RV Industry Association, one category stood out among the rest.

With a 17.8 percent increase in July this year, compared to the same period in 2014, it is clear that truck campers are making a late-season surge, and it’s a trend one manufacturer hopes to continue.

Early next month, Travel Lite debuts a new line of truck campers that company President Dustin Johns said he hopes will expand the truck camper category, delineating between high-end models with bells and whistles and smaller, more lightweight campers that provide functionality at a lower price.

“It’s a brand new product,” Johns said of Travel Lite’s new Rayzr lineup. “I’ve never done anything like it, and I can’t think of anyone who has. It’s kind of a new category of truck camper.”

Unlike traditional campers, the Rayzr doesn’t feature an over-cab sleeping compartment and is designed to fit in any full-size truck bed, whether it’s full-length, short or a 5.5-foot bed, Johns said.

“Some people want big units with slides, and other people want little units with a bathroom. It just depends on what the person wants and if there’s a market, I’m going to feed it,” he said

Customers kept calling, asking for a compact camper, and as a result of those calls, Johns designed the Rayzr, a truck camper with three floorplans that range in weight from 925 to 1,175 pounds.

The Rayzr uses a hybrid construction of stick-and-tin walls with a fiberglass roof and front piece.

By removing an over-cab sleeper area, Johns was able to significantly reduce weight without sacrificing the inside ceiling height of 6-foot-5-inches. To keep the Rayzr aerodynamic, he swept back the front wall of the new camper to match the angle of a truck’s windshield. 

“Basically there’s no wind resistance at all,” he said. “It’s going to be a breeze to drive.”

The Rayzr line features three floorplans: the Super Sleeper (SS), the Full Bed (FB) and the Full Kitchen (FK) with a suggested retail price starting at $5,495.

The Super Sleeper model features a two-tone Jacknife sofa that converts to a bed. Opposing the bed is a 72-inch bench seat that provides an additional bed.

“There’s overhead cabinets on both sides as well as big windows on both sides for a cross-breeze,” he said.

For more information on Travel Lite and the Rayzr, click here.

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