Travel Lite Retools Its Parts and Warranty Program

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Travel Lite recently started a new parts and warranty program intended to streamline efficiency and respond to customers within 24 hours.

Eric Burns, director of the new parts and warranty program, joined the company last month.

Before Burns arrived on the scene, Travel Lite regional sales managers were handling all the warranty and parts. But Dustin Johns, president of Travel Lite, sought to change that, appointing a full-time employee on the job to oversee the manufacturer’s newly created parts and warranty department and program.

“It’s a dedicated department taking care of our dealers and our customers’ needs,” said Burns. “Now, on any warranty customer service or parts-related issue, we’ve got a 24-hour response time. We’re really stepping up our game to get everyone taken care of.”

The program began several weeks ago, and so far the responsive has been very positive, said Burns. Emails, faxes, and phone calls are, in the least, replied to and acknowledged. Many RVers and dealerships can sometimes wait days before a response.

“Communication is everything,” Burns said. “Dealers are face-to-face with the customers, which is not an easy task when you’ve got them sitting directly across the desk from you.”

Any parts that are in stock, he said, will now be shipped out within 24 to 48 hours. Over the years, Burns has worked at several manufacturers. This customer service response time, he said, is something he’s never seen.

The change of heart resulted from Travel Lite’s continuing growth; part of that being the two new manufacturing facilities the company is breaking ground on. As the busy season approaches again next year, the customer service team will be well-prepared and trained to meet the demand.

“Instead of being reactive,” Burns said, “be proactive.”


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