Truma AquaGo Becomes a Market Leader

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After only three years in the North American RV market, the German-based company Truma has built a solid market share with the Truma AquaGo.

During this time, Truma has worked hard to overcome negative perceptions about tankless RV water systems arising from multiple recalls of first and second generation products that were previously on the market.

“Some early generation tankless water heaters produced water temperature fluctuations leading to scalding complaints,” said President and CEO of Truma Gerhard Hundsberger. “In contrast, our engineers at Truma have designed a hybrid instant water heating system that is completely different from other RV water heaters and was developed specifically to help maintain a stable and constant water temperature. It is also the only instant water heater that can maintain a constant temperature at a very low flow rate.”

The Truma AquaGo features a small mixing vessel with cyclonic action to deliver a steady temperature of precisely heated water that goes right to the faucet, preventing significant temperature fluctuations. The result is an endless supply of hot water without the potential for scalding.

“Ultimately”, said Hundsberger, “all of this helps RVers put an end to what is known in the camping world as the navy shower, the term for a military style shower that is performed quickly to conserve hot water.”

Hundsberger said he believes that instant (or tankless) water heaters will be the norm in future North American RVs.

“RVers want smart, easy-to-use, advanced products in their RVs and don’t want to settle for inconveniences and discomforts like the navy shower experience,” he said. “Campgrounds generally provide full hookups, but the majority of RVs built in North America still use tank water heaters that hold limited amounts of hot water. Our unit is efficient and fast and the Truma AquaGo comfort plus ensures that minimal water is wasted while dry camping.”

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