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Truma Systems Featured on Revamped Off Grid Trailers Model


Truma announced that one of its OEM partners, Off Grid Trailers, is rolling out two completely redesigned overland camping trailers: Expedition 3.0 and Pando 3.0.

Both units have been revamped to bring some of the comforts of home off the beaten path. Among these improvements is the addition of the Truma AquaGo comfort plus as the standard water heater and the Truma VarioHeat comfort as the optional furnace upgrade.

“One of the biggest considerations with overland camping is efficiency. We build trailers that are going into the wilderness, sometimes for days at a stretch, without water or electrical hook-ups. Truma systems are reliable and allow our owners to stay out longer because the systems take away the worry of running out of propane or hot water,” said Kory Davis, director of marketing for Off Grid Trailers.

The AquaGo delivers instant, consistent hot water, even with low water pressure, the company said. This allows Off Grid Trailer owners to conserve their water supply and still use their hot water without the risk of scalding. The VarioHeat uses an intelligent three-stage burner system to efficiently heat the trailer. Its compact size leaves plenty of valuable space for gear storage.

Another optional upgrade available on the 3.0 models is the C69DZ Truma Cooler. The 69-liter (18-gallon) dual-zone portable fridge/freezer runs on 12/24V DC or 110V AC, provides ample space to keep provisions cold, and features a rugged construction that keeps them protected.

In addition to the new systems on board, Off Grid Trailers has received RVIA Compliance certification for its trailers. With RVIA Compliance, consumers can rest assured that each component on the Expedition 3.0 and the Pando 3.0 has been tested and approved for use in RVs.

This compliance allows Off Grid Trailers to be certified and registered as RVs, which opens access to RV-specific loans, makes them easier to import, and streamlines the registration process.

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