U.S. Representative Backs HUD’s Proposed Rule

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Jackie Walorski

Rep. Jackie Walorski (R-Ind.), co-founder of the Congressional RV Caucus applauded last week’s rule, proposed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, that would change how RVs are defined in relation to manufactured homes.

Walorski responded to last week’s HUD proposal that exempts RVs from being incorrectly classified as a manufactured home, an issue Walorski has worked on since being elected to Congress, according to the release.

At the heart of the ruling is the measurement of RVs, specifically park models, and whether the porch should be considered in the 300-square-foot measurement that is among the determining factors in distinguishing between park models and manufactured homes.

The rule also takes into account whether the unit is a permanent residence, as well as its mobility.

“For almost a decade, the RV industry has waited for HUD to provide clear rules and guidelines that define RVs,” Danner said in a statement last week. “Today, that wait is over. RV businesses and manufacturers in my district – home to the RV Capital of the World – now have protections from burdensome regulations. For the first time, this important industry will have the certainty needed to keep making quality RVs for the world, enabling our RV industry in Indiana continue to thrive and succeed.”

In 2014, Walorski introduced the RV Certainty Act of 2014 to codify a single, simple definition of RVs to ensure that they clearly and consistently remain distinct products from manufactured homes and are not unnecessarily subject to federal regulation by HUD.


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