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Ultra-Fab Releases Tripod Training

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Ultra-Fab recently released training for their full line of tripods.

“In 9 minutes, you can learn a ton about Ultra-Fab’s full line of tripods. As the only company with a full line, we provide a variety of ways to sell tripods, be it to price conscious customers or to quality product buyers,” said Raymond Padgett, vice president of sales and marketing for Ultra-Fab.

“Many dealers have been told you don’t need a tripod on modern units, but this video explains why you absolutely do,” Padgett said. “It also makes clear the dramatic differences between a steel tripod and an economy tripod as well as when you want an aluminum tripod verses when you need an adjustable model. And it outlines the display options we offer to help you sell more tripods.”

The tripod training can be found here, and Ultra-Fab’s entire training library can be accessed here.

Padgett continued, “We know dealers and distributors are busy, so we wanted to make training available on their schedule. With our video library, anyone can learn about our products when it is convenient for them. We will attempt to provide new training once a month so dealers and distributors can stay up to date on Ultra-Fab’s line of quality products.”

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