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Ultra-Fab Shares Brakes Training Video

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Ultra-Fab released their latest training video on light duty and medium duty brakes.

“We have enjoyed extreme success when we launched our light/medium duty brakes, so we felt we should publish a training video for dealers & distributors that want to expand their knowledge,” said Raymond Padgett, vice president of sales and marketing for Ultra-Fab Products. “Many parts people may be familiar with trailer brakes, but I believe this video is perfect for a new parts person, a reminder for the more experienced and just some good general information for all.

“Ultra-Fab is known for quality products and having the longest warranty. This is a prime example of us applying that standard, so we invite you to get to know the Ultra-Fab line of trailer brakes. Most distributors are carrying the line, so they should be easy to order,” Padgett added.

For more information, Padgett can be reached at raymond@ultra-fab.com.

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