Unique Camping + Marine Introduces Tank Treatments

Arvada, Colo.-based Unique Camping + Marine introduces “The Unique Method,” a comprehensive treatment process it said is designed to eliminate 99 percent of all wastewater problems in RV holding tanks.

“In reality, even the best (tank) treatments can only do half of the job,” the company said. “The other half of this tricky equation is the method that must be followed when treating RV holding tanks. Successfully treating holding tanks requires 50 percent the right treatment product and 50 percent the right treatment process.”

According to the company, RV dealers can finally feel confident that they are providing their customers with a truly successful way to avoid the common pitfalls of holding tanks by using The Unique Method. Unique has packaged The Unique Method in a series of free guides that can be displayed inside an RV parts store.

“There are so many misconceptions and bad advice being spread around campgrounds when it comes to holding tanks,” said Ricky Stewart, brand manager for Unique Camping + Marine. “People have the best intentions, but with most of these ‘tricks’ the science just isn’t there.”

In addition to the free guides for RV dealers, Unique offers a curated set of products that are designed specifically to work within the parameters of The Unique Method. This pack includes signage, guides, shelf runners, and five essential products. RV dealers who introduce Unique Camping + Marine products to their store can get this pack for free. Existing customers of Unique can get the pack for only $20.


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