Cordless Pleated Shade
Cordless Pleated Shade

United Shade Debuts Cordless Pleated Shade

United Shade, an Airxcel brand, has launched the Cordless Pleated Shade, which offers an updated design to United Shades’ standard Pleated Night Shade.

“The Cordless Pleated Shade is a custom-built, night-only shade offered in a variety of fabrics with matching rails,” said Tina Sharkey, United Shade OEM sales manager. “The shade’s soft-touch mechanism allows for the most basic hand interaction to adjust its position up and down. With the new cordless design, no tension cords are required, creating a sleeker and more user-friendly experience.”

“The Cordless Pleated Shade is another example of our commitment to innovation. We continue to provide solutions to our OEM customers that drive value to end consumers,” said Anthony Wollschlager, division president.

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