United Shade Introduces Impulse Roller Shade

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Impulse Shade

United Shade, a Dicor Corp. affiliate is introducing the patent-pending Impulse Shade System.

The Impulse roller shade is an all-new roller shade platform designed for quick and easy installation and adjustment. It provides a fully assembled, one-piece, fabric wrapped valance and shade combination that can be installed right out of the box in two minutes with only four screws.

“The Impulse Shade System is a major step forward in the development of new roller shade products,” said Bob Keller, general manager of United Shade. “We’ve been working on this and other innovations and improvements in roller shades for some time. But there is nothing like this in the RV industry, and the time is right for it. This benefits manufacturers, dealers and consumers.”

Using an aluminum valance instead of a separate head rail, the Impulse features simple and compact “frameless” unibody construction. The design is both lightweight and robust, with a small enough profile that makes it perfect for spaces like RV bunks and bedrooms as well as any other RV window.  The Impulse can still house single or double shades and comes in Day, Night, or Day-Night configurations. The Impulse offers both manual slow-up or motorized versions.

The Impulse also makes it easy for RVers to redecorate. The fabric on the valance is attached with user-friendly spline, allowing the RV dealer or owner to simply swap out one fabric for another as fashion tastes change. The end caps come in a variety of colors, including bronze, black, alabaster, white and gray. Wooden end caps are also available in maple, walnut, oak, cherry and in natural wood that can be stained to color match existing cabinetry.

The motorized version of the Impulse system offers three helpful innovations with its all-new SignalMotor. First, the SignalMotor includes an LED light that confirms power is being supplied, which can help troubleshoot wiring issues within the coach. Second, the SignalMotor offers more built-in tolerance for RV voltage variances that can damage shade motors. Third, the new motor features easily accessible motor adjustment screws that are positioned up and forward for easy adjustments. Simply remove the end caps, adjust and replace. 

“This is a flagship product for our new roller shade platforms and we’re certain that it will produce more innovation for tomorrow’s RVs, while giving the industry something dynamically new it can use today,” Keller said. “We’re excited about this and other options we’re developing. People can look forward to more new choices like the Impulse from United Shade.”

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