Used RV Prices Remain High in May

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The price of used motor homes at auction rose in May and the price of towables dropped slightly, according to the latest report from Black Book Market Insights.

“The wholesale market was mixed last month, with motorized units adding to their impressive run and approaching an all-time high, while towables took a break and declined a bit, although they are still as high as they have been in the past several years,” Black Book Director of Specialty Markets Eric Lawrence said. “The stock market had been a bit jittery after the recent ‘Brexit’ vote, but things have returned to normal now, with several indices even posting a few ‘highs’, so I don’t foresee any future fallout having an adverse effect on potential buyers or the RV industry at large.”

The average selling price for motorized units was $42,010, which is an increase of $1,660 (4 percent) from the previous month. Towables came in at $11,352, down $717 (6 percent) from last month.  One year ago, the average motorhome sold for $40,005 and the average towable unit brought $10,626.

Auction volume was down a touch: motorized units declined 12 percent and towables dropped 14 percent, about what we’d expect for this time of year.

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