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UVS Junction Adds Video to Proactive Popup

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UVS has updated their Proactive Popup to now include video.

The Proactive Popup is a popup form on dealer websites for prospective shoppers to complete and submit. Not long ago, the company added a feature allowing clients to edit the information in the form, and several dealers made requests to include video in the popups, according to the release.

“The beauty of our Proactive Popup is that the dealer sets the delay for the form,” UVS Junction’s Angela Celluci said in a news release. “He or she can make the form open on every page by adding our widget to their footer or target different message on individual pages by adding the widget to the body of the desired page.  Adding different Proactive Popups to various pages of a website is a powerful way to intrigue visitors to leave their information.”

For example, if a dealer had a unit they wanted to promote, they could do a walkthrough video of the unit and have the video included on the Proactive Popup window.

“Most importantly our Proactive Popup widget is smart,” Celluci said. ”It only opens once on any given day so it is not an intrusive form at all. If the visitors clicks away from the form it will not continue to open for the remainder of the visit (or day).”

To watch a video and learn more about our Proactive Popup, click here:  http://www.uvsjunction.com/pages/proactive_popup

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