Video Q&A: Curt Hemmeler of RVTI

The RV Technical Institute continued its mission of getting more RV technicians trained and certified in 2021, despite the challenges thrown up by COVID-19.

During the year the organization was able to introduce its Level Two course, and also increased the number of Authorized Learning Partners that it has around the country, which allow students to access training out in the field without having to physically travel to Elkhart, Ind., where RVTI is located.

And for the students who fit this model best, RVTI offers an entirely self-guided course where the student learns through RVTI’s curriculum but at his or her own pace.

This year, RVTI has an ambitious plan of training at least 1,000 new RV technicians brought in from outside the RV industry.

Curt Hemmeler is executive director of the RV Technical Institute and spoke with RV PRO’s Tony Kindelspire.

“Recruiting and training 1,000 brand new technicians from outside the RV industry is certainly a lofty goal for 2022,” Hemmeler said. “What can’t be ignored is how important these new recruits are and the immediate impact they will have on the RV industry’s ability to deliver an amazing experience for our millions of customers, getting them the service and repairs they need to keep them happy and on the road.”

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