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Video: RVTI Training Program in Indiana Department of Correction

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The RV Technical Institute recently partnered with the Indiana Department of Correction to pilot an RV technician training program at the Indiana Westville Correctional Facility. The program is a hands-on, competency-based program designed by subject matter experts. The experts – from across the RV industry – have identified the key areas of required knowledge and expertise needed to develop a well-rounded, practical training and certification program.

“I think the guys that are in the first class are going to really succeed,” said Shane Schwartzkopf, a program instructor. “They’re really mechanically inclined. A lot of times in these vocational classes, once you get the tools in their hand, they take off, and I don’t have any doubt that’s how it’s going to be for these 10 guys, too.”

“The jobs are out there,” added Kenneth Watts, the Westville deputy warden of Re-Entry. “There’s tons of jobs out there, so our hope is that these guys will get the skill sets and be able to get jobs. They’ll get out there, they won’t re-offend, and they’ll have a successful re-entry back into society.”

The video below explains the partnership.

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