VIDEO: Senator Mike Braun Visits Grand Design RV

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Indiana Sen. Mike Braun recently toured Grand Design RV in Middlebury, Ind., to learn more about Grand Design RV and the manufacturing process of the RV Industry.

“You’ve got a thing called Baby Boomers and I’m right in the middle of that,” said Braun. “Most of them really emphasize trying to retire as early as they can and maybe grab a Solitude or something else and live that part of life. The products I see from when I first got acquainted to the RV industry to now makes me want to buy a Solitude one day.”

Solitude is Grand Design’s flagship brand. Grand Design RV CEO and President Don Clark led Braun and his team around the Grand Design campus, highlighted by a factory tour of Solitude.

“Whenever you have someone as busy as the Senator and doing as much for not only the state but the country, it’s an honor not only for me and the company but all the Grand Design people,” said Clark. “The fact that he cares about not only our company but our industry to get more involved and learn more about it, it’s fantastic.”

In addition to the factory tour, Braun was also able to get inside several Grand Design RVs that were setup outside the Solitude plant.

“It’s excellent value and I think it would make someone want to hit the road in one of them,” said Braun.

Co-founded by Clark, Grand Design RV has gone from 35 employees on Jan. 1, 2013, to now more than 1,700 employees. Grand Design’s 100,000th RV is set to come off the line later this summer.


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