VIDEO: Winnebago’s WinnVision Gives Virtual Reality Experience

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During this week’s RV Industry Association National RV Trade Show, Winnebago showcased its WinnVision, a virtual reality tour that the company says delivers unprecedented digital tours of units.

To showcase the new technology, which utilizes high-resolution images from a nine-lens camera, the company loaded a tour up onto an Oculus virtual headset, allowing users to take a virtual tour while standing in one place.

With the headset, which is demonstrated at the Winnebago booth (No. 5015) in the West Wing, users step into a virtual motorhome with 360-degree range of vision. By focusing on small vector points within the virtual image, the headset moves the user through the motorhome.

Of course, online the experience is a little different, but the company hopes the high-resolution images offer users a better look at the detail, available inside the coaches.

“For the past decade you’ve seen the automotive industry use VR in displaying car interiors, but WinnVision goes beyond a 360 degree image from one position,” Director of Marketing Chad Reece said. “This new technology seamlessly walks you through our products from front to back so you see a coach from all perspectives.”

A growing library of WinnVision images is now available for viewing on the company’s website at 

Unlike past VR technologies, WinnVision images are highly detailed allowing users to see wood grains and control panels they could not otherwise see in traditional photos or videos. 

WinnVision images can be viewed without any special software or browser plug-ins and can be viewed on computers, tablets and smartphones.

Images are created with a specialized scanning camera that captures multiple scene locations in three dimensions and then is uploaded for processing into a single viewable tour. This also generates both a floorplan and 3D dollhouse view. 

The dollhouse view provides a unique and transparent outside-looking-in view from any angle.


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