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VisionTouch Updates Available Now

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Vision Dealer Solutions has released an updated version of its F&I product VisionTouch. The sales solution provides agents and dealers the ability to create and customize a customer-centric presentation.

VisionTouch is a mobile touch product that works on any touch device and allows up to three modes: customer, sales, and finance.

VisionTouch also has a remote F&I menu solution for the on-the-go customer. It gives users the ability to offer all VisionTouch features directly to an off-site customer’s smartphone with one-click connect technology and e-sign capability.

The customer mode includes a user self-interview where the agent or dealer may choose the content. That includes questions, answer alternatives, and featured video product presentations. The customer mode will allow the customer to walk through an interview process and pre-sell or endorse the chosen product on their own.

The sales mode is the tool sales departments need. It allows the user to choose a customer interview, videos, brochures, sales tools or buyer’s order. Sales departments can use this tool to involve salespeople in pre-selling or recommending products.

The finance mode includes all of the above, plus default or customized touch menus of the user’s choice, an e-commerce platform to electronically rate and contract products, and e-sign any document, which may be done with the touch desktop or mobile version.

Additionally, VisionTouch enables dealer F&I staff to sit side-by-side with a customer, resulting in a better, more transparent customer experience, according to the company.

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