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Visitors Expected to Descend on Ohio for Solar Eclipse

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Lucas County in Ohio is expecting to see its population double on April 8 from visitors for the solar eclipse, according to the Lucas County Emergency Management Agency.

A report from local news WTOL11 says that Americans are finding traveling in an RV may be a more efficient way to take in the event.

“You get the freedom to escape city and have your own viewing party wherever you choose, and you can do that from an RV or camper van,” said Jeff Cavins, CEO of Outdoorsy RVs, on WTOL11.

Jack Chalfin, sales manager of Reineke RV of Toledo, told WTOL11 that campgrounds have benefits you can’t take advantage of if you’re staying in a hotel.

“A lot of people outdoors and instead of being in a hotel room with the four walls and a TV, so, they like to get their kids out to a campground in the playgrounds and it’s just a lot of fun because in the RVs you’ve got all the conveniences of home,” he said.

Many are trying to find the best way to get around northwest Ohio. Outdoorsy RV connects local motorhome and campervan owners with people wanting to rent them. Renting an RV that can fit five people from April 2-9 would cost about $1,000, according to Outdoorsy.

With hotels quickly filling up, Cavins says you can get the best of both worlds with an RV.

“In Toledo when the eclipse is over, it’ll just be completely swamped,” he said. “The hospitality and lodging category is going to be very difficult for hotels to meet the demand. I don’t know what the numbers are but I’ve got to imagine 500,000 or more (people) will be gathering for this, so an RV or a camper van is a great way to have the hotel with you.”

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