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Volta Power Systems Partners with Advanced RV

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Volta Power Systems has partnered with Advanced RV to bring the first Class B motorhome featuring an automotive-grade lithium ion system to market. The energy systems use automotive-based large format lithium ion technology and advanced under-hood generation that produces four times the energy with less noise, space, weight and charging time than traditional methods.

The new Advanced RV Class B Mercedes model, Escape, will go to market by the end of August. The model has completed extensive data testing and recharge cycles, and will complete field testing in July. The Volta technology uses automotive based technology previously only accessible by major automotive OEMs.

“The new RV system means true freedom from shore power and the ability to explore anywhere without the noise,” said Jack Johnson, co-founder of Volta Power Systems. “With over two times the energy storage, the new Advanced RV Class B can include more amenities for users and increase their RV experience.”

The new Volta system offers two and a half times the power output and ten times more energy storage than technology found in a traditional Class B model, and two times more storage than the previous generation lithium ion used in Advance RV’s vehicles.  The additional energy powers many of Advanced RV’s Escape model’s 36 new features, including Rozie house monitoring, Silverleaf control system, and additional rear heating.

Initial testing demonstrates that the Escape’s power system can run the air conditioner at 100 percent duty cycle for over eight hours on battery power alone, making it more convenient and safe to leave pets in the motor home alone.

“Since the beginning, we set out to create high-quality, carefree travel,” said Mike Neundorfer, owner at Advanced RV. “Incorporating the Volta Power System into our RV made perfect sense. The system is a lightweight, safe and small solution that packs a big punch for our customers.”

For more information, visit www.voltaps.com

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