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Voyager RV Centre’s Initiative Making Significant Local Impact

Voyager RVThe staff at Voyager RV vote for the charities they want to support.

British Columbia, Canada-based Voyager RV Centre’s charitable campaign is making significant strides in 2023.  Named “Voyager Cares,” the local dealership’s initiative has already donated more than $88,000 to local charities this year and is set to surpass its ambitious target of donating over $100,000 by year-end.

Voyager Cares kicked off in early 2023 with two donations totalling $31,950 combined, putting the dealership on pace to exceed its goal. Throughout the spring and summer, several other charities received donations from Voyager RV, including Kelowna Hospice House ($11,250), Mamas for Mamas ($15,150), the BC Heart & Stroke Foundation ($13,050), and most recently, the BC Cancer Foundation ($17,250).  With two months left in the Voyager Cares campaign, the prospects of reaching the $100,000 target are promising.

“While our core business revolves around sales and servicing of RVs, we believe in extending our impact beyond that,” says Voyager RV Vice President Jason Friesen.  “I just think there has to be more to it, and I feel like as business operators, we have a responsibility to our community.”

The unique aspect of the Voyager Cares initiative is its democratic approach.  Every employee at Voyager RV gets a chance to vote for the charities closest to their hearts.  The top eight charities are then chosen as the ones to receive donations throughout the year, with each charity assigned a specific month(s).

Chris Mayeda of the BC Cancer Foundation was present for the cheque presentation to his organization on September 12th to speak to Voyager RV staff members about some of the advancements that donations such as this are being put towards. Mayeda expressed his gratitude and said, “It means a lot to the BC Cancer Foundation that you would choose and trust us with these funds. These funds are going to help go toward revitalization. The first step is a brand-new world-class systemic therapy suite that will be patient-centered and will bring phase one clinical trials for the first time ever to the interior of BC. Starting with generosity like this, this is how we’re going to build Kelowna to be one of the premier research and treatment facilities throughout BC and Canada. Thank you so much once again.”

Voyager RV
The staff at Voyager RV vote for the charities they want to support.

Tony Kindelspire

Tony Kindelspire is the digital content editor of RV PRO magazine.

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