Water Filter System Reduces Chemicals

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Considering the increasing threat to public health that problems like lead contamination and over-fluoridation are posing nationwide, Deland, Fla.-based Pelican Water Systems announced the release of its latest water filtration system: the Compact Lead/Fluoride Water Filter System.

Designed with the challenges facing modern households, the filtration system targets chlorine, chloramine, fluoride, and dangerous contaminants to provide cleaner, spring-like water in every tap.

The intuitive compact design makes this filter easy to install and use. The two-stage system can fit in tight quarters, ensuring that homes with limited space still enjoy the benefits of fluoride and lead reduction. The filter is perfect for condos, apartments, and small cottages, and can also be installed in boats or RVs. Fewer parts also mean that families do not need to worry about costly long-term maintenance or a frustrating installation process – the Compact Lead/Fluoride Water Filter System can be installed in minutes.

In addition to reducing the amount of lead of fluoride in tap water, the new system also filters out 99 percent of chlorine and chloramine. Excessive chlorine can dry out and damage skin and hair, and chlorinated water has an unpleasant odor.

The Compact Lead/Fluoride Water Filter System also filters incoming water at the point-of-entry, creating zero wasted water, or chemical discharge.


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