WAY Interglobal, Merlin Solar Partner

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Elkhart Ind.-based, WAY Interglobal Network has partnered with Merlin Solar, based in Silicon Valley, Calif.

Merlin Solar is a high-tech solar product manufacturer with more than 50 pending and granted patents.

“As a major supplier for solar technology to the U.S. military, over-the-road trucking, and international satellite markets, the joint entry with WAY into the RV marketplace is a natural progression,” said Wayne E. Kaylor, CEO of WAY Interglobal.

“The Merlin Solar technology has both state-of-the-art power, ruggedness, and durability that has been proven through testing in some of the harshest conditions,” said Venkatesan Murali, founder/CTO of Merlin. “This positions Merlin Solar to provide better solar power solutions, allowing RV customers to capitalize on the many benefits over traditional framed-glass panels.”

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