Webinar Reviews Summer Internships That Work

Should you pay interns? What can workers under the age of 16, 18 or 21 legally do? Is it even worth the effort to have a summer internship program? Internships can be a win-win for the intern and the company, but only if managed correctly. 

Join Kelly Pinkerton and Kathryn Carlson at noon EDT on Wednesday, May 24, for this free webinar to learn how to manage summer interns for optimal productivity at a dealership while providing a worthwhile work experience for the interns. Learn when it is appropriate and required to pay interns, how to effectively structure an internship program, how to best manage Generation X, Y and Z interns, and how to handle the special challenges of supervising short term workers.

Dealer webinars are provided by RVDA’s strategic partner KPA as part of the array of educational offerings available through the RV Learning Center.  Register online.  If you have any questions or feedback, please contact Allyson Lewis at  866-356-1735 or Karin Van Duyse at the RV Learning Center at  703-591-7130.




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