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WFCO Group Releases Energy Management Video

To support the release of the new EM-15 and EM-20 energy management switches, Arterra Distribution, the RV division of the WFCO Group, added a comprehensive video to its website. The video explains the way the system works and the products’ benefits.

The EM-15 and EM-20 allow manufacturers to install more 110V appliances in an RV when the breaker box is already at capacity.

“We designed the EM-15 and EM-20 in response to the growing power demands of the RV industry,” said Rich Dotson, president of Arterra Distribution. “These flexible Energy Management Switches can be used for different types of RVs, making them the most universal on the market. With the EM-15 and EM-20, the RV owner can choose which power loads are the most important, depending on their individual needs.”

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