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WFCO Unveils Voice-Activated RV Control System

WFCO Technologies, maker of power conversion and management products, has launched its Power Pro, a digital control system featuring voice recognition technology designed specifically for the RV industry.

Utilizing AI (artificial intelligence), the patent-pending Power Pro control system has been developed and trained to control RV specific devices through the installed control panel, by voice commands and via the robust mobile app. With the features and customizations embedded into the Power Pro system, owners have the capability at their fingertips for enhanced control and a simplified operation of their RV.

According to Bobby Raatz, VP of operations at WFCO Technologies, providing RV owners with the next level of comfort and convenience while enjoying the RV lifestyle is the driving force behind introducing Power Pro to the RV industry.

“With the solid foundation that’s been built through our trusted, best-in-class power conversion products, we are in a great position to launch this new product and technology. Power Pro is a huge step for WFCO as we look ahead to the digital transformation that is quickly approaching. This system includes technology and features that are not available elsewhere in the RV industry. We’re excited for this launch and what will be next for Power Pro,” Raatz said.

WFCO is currently producing the Power Pro system and will be featured in the Ibex/NoBo RV Suite product line.

According to Cody Schade, Forest River Ibex/NoBo product manager, “The goal of the RV Suite was to offer the consumer the maximum versatility of their travel trailer while also elevating their camping experience. When our team tested the seamless and smooth nature of the interactive voice prompts without ever using it before, we all realized this was a true advancement in technology. RV Suite owners can enjoy controlling many functions and systems in their camper by the simple power of speech. Power Pro is the perfect complement to further simplify the RV Suite camping experience.”

WFCO is currently scheduling appointments for on-location Power Pro system demonstrations for OEMs. Contact your WFCO sales rep to secure your appointment.

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