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WhereSafe GPS Expands RV Affiliate Program


WhereSafe GPS set up a new RV affiliate who is very recognizable in RV circles, the company said. The new affiliate is Endless RVing, with Izzy, MJ and Jason. The YouTube RV influencers host over 47,000 subscribers and have generated more than 5.2 million video views on YouTube.

Wheresafe GPS
Izzy knows what’s up.

The channel was developed to produce informative videos regarding RV DIY, product reviews, upgrades, RV tours, campground reviews, trips and more. Izzy is an active police officer and advocate for securing your high valued assets, as he is all too familiar with various forms of theft, including RV theft.

Endless RVing did an initial video to review a WhereSafe XT Tracker and discuss the benefits of the device, uses, installation, the mobile app and more. After just one week, the video had more than 27,000 views and resulted in a lift in sales, web traffic and product/service enquiries.

“WhereSafe was a really good fit for us to get involved with, given the growing issue and absolute nightmare of RV, trailer or camper theft. We want to make our audience aware of products that can genuinely help them and WhereSafe fits that bill,” said Izzy from Endless RVing.

WhereSafe plans to continue the relationship by looking into sponsored adds, in effort to keep the Endless RVing fans aware of a way to protect their high value RV asset, the toys they bring (boats, ATVs, golf carts, trucks, etc.), while on the road, at the campground or when in storage.

“After gaining traction in the RV world as a trusted provider of real-time GPS, we needed to find influencers to help us spread our message, and Endless RVing was an obvious target. After working with Izzy and his team, we know we found the right partner given his background in law enforcement and passion for RVing,” said Conrad Galambos, president of WhereSafe GPS.

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