Sky Pro LTE
Sky Pro LTE

WiFiRanger Begins OE Shipments of SkyProLTE V3

WiFiRanger has announced the next generation evolution to its Sky Pro LTE offerings. The new version, shipping immediately, includes an updated LTE modem that is positioned for faster LTE offerings, according to the company, and transition capabilities as major carriers begin rolling out new advanced services.

“We’ve been working on V3 for some time, knowing that we had to give our customers a certified LTE modem with additional LTE bands 12, 14, 66, and 71 support,” said Kelly Hogan, CEO. “The change is of specific interest to the RV community due to its inherit ‘Extended Range LTE’ support, and positions our customers to take advantage of future offerings when they really start to hit the streets by the major carriers, including Band 14, for FirstNet usage by first responders and public safety organizations.”

WiFiRanger SkyProLTE release V3 includes other enhancements, including an updated processor offering for faster speeds and data handling, as well as improved firmware release 7.0.8, offering new features for integration with other RV sub-systems including an exposed NMEA-0183 GPS socket.

Additionally, the V3 version includes a slightly slimmer outdoor unit, and a “rubber leg” PCB mounting system within the outdoor unit, providing additional protection from road harmonics and vibration to the upgraded electronics.

“In addition to our improved hardware, our engineering team worked diligently to ensure that every aspect of our latest firmware is ready to take full advantage of faster connections in the future, as well as assisting other integration partners with features they need,” said Hogan. “We’re proud of our teams’ continuous efforts to improve connectivity for the RV community and stay ahead of the competition.”

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