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WiFiRanger Releases Upgrade to SkyPro AI & Sky4 AI Product Lines

WiFiRanger has upgraded its SkyPro and Sky4 LTE-enabled connectivity solutions for the RV industry with hardware features specifically included for telemetry-based data acquisition and Cloud storage.

The company said both products have been upgraded to include a real-time GPS module option with time-based data that is automatically moved to the cloud for review by authorized users.

“As we increase the types of data that we are acquiring with our renown connectivity solutions, we found it important to combine that data with exact time, positional, heading, and velocity data that can make information obtained more meaningful to the parties or AI systems looking at it,” said Kelly Hogan, CEO of WiFiRanger. “Adding a GPS extends the capabilities of our product line to new areas by collecting and forwarding telemetry data to the cloud for review.”

The collected data is stored in the WiFiRanger for secure delivery to the Cloud when the unit is online through any connectivity method or can be delivered real-time to the Cloud if the units include a Category 1 or 4 LTE modem.

Once in the Cloud, with permission, the data is archived and made available to owners, OEs, system manufacturers, etc., for a variety of uses including service analysis, positional tracking, and system performance under circumstance.

The exact position information also can be summoned while online by authorized applications seeking where the RV is located. This can be used for security, remote location, theft recovery, and other customer centric uses.
“Acquiring quality and quantitative data is critical to applying AI to the sets of data to improve the ownership experience of RVs,” said Hogan. “We are focused on developing the most comprehensive data pool about how RVs are used and the relevant data surrounding systems and components.”

SkyPro AI and Sky4 AI shipments are scheduled for key OE’s in the fourth quarter of 2018 with volume deliveries scheduled for model change Q1 2019.

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