WiFiRanger Reports Successful 250Mb 5G Speed Test

WiFiRanger, a supplier of innovative RV connectivity and control solutions, demonstrated 5G connectivity for the RV industry with a fast 250Mb 5G download speed test.

“This is the first step moving toward gig speeds in the RV industry,” said Kelly Hogan, vice president of innovation with Winegard. “As the carriers implement the capacity to exploit 5G technology, we will be poised to provide the industry with the hardware and user experience needed to harness it.”

The test was performed on a WiFiRanger Everest platform, using a Quectel RM 502Q 5G modem, running the latest 7.1.0b11 WiFiRanger firmware OS patched with optimizations for 5G throughput. The tests were performed in the Boise, Ida., area at multiple locations with the consistent performance delivered via the T-Mobile network.

“This codebase is bleeding edge development and gives us a great foundation to work toward full 5G support and performance,” said David Hutchinson, WiFi Ranger’s CTO. “As the software standards continue to stabilize, we will release new features to augment the RV lifestyle, and 5G capabilities will lead the way.”

WiFiRanger and Winegard connectivity products will begin phasing in 5G as an option for the OE and aftermarket divisions over the next several months.

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