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Wildhood Paying Off

Go RVing Canada’s 2018 “Wildhood” campaign is getting noticed, according to a quarterly report from RVDA of Canada.

During the period, the campaign was named the Top Ad of the Week by the international group at adforum, and the video was recently recognized at Canada’s premier Marketing Awards show. Bring back Wildhood received a Silver for Cinematography and a Bronze for TV single over 30 seconds at the 2018 Marketing Awards Show.

In addition to industry recognition, it is also clear consumers are taking notice as well, with all major indeces up for Jan. 1 to June 30 year over year.

An additional 24 percent of Canadians signed up for the English language newsletter, with 44 percent more signing up for the French version.

In the third quarter, digital advertising will continue to promote the Wildhood campaign across a variety of paid and earned media formats.

The emphasis for advertising remains on expanding the demographic reach beyond Adventurous Families to include Young Adventurers (no kids) and Zoomers (empty nesters).

To see the full report, click here.

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