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Winegard Launches RV Halo Rally in Time for 4th of July Weekend

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Winegard announced the launch of RV Halo Rally, a new feature for its RV Halo app, designed to elevate the RV lifestyle with a gamified rewards system. RV Halo Rally will be available starting this 4th of July weekend, aiming to connect and reward the RV community like never before, the company said in a release.

Key Features of RV Halo Rally:

  • Rank Advancement: Members can progress through ranks by earning points, from Scout to Explorer, and ultimately becoming an Expedition Expert.
  • Badge Collection: Users can earn badges for various activities such as app contributions, miles traveled and specific actions within the RV Halo app.
  • Exclusive Stickers: From July 3 to July 8, users can earn a special 4th of July sticker. Future releases will include stickers representing U.S. States, Canadian Provinces, National Parks and special events.
  • Journey Recording: Users can now record and share their journeys, capturing every mile and memory along the way. This feature allows RVers to keep a digital travel log, enhancing the adventure with visual and narrative elements that can be shared or revisited at any time.
  • Instant 1500 Points for Joining: New members will receive 1500 points upon joining RV Halo Rally. These points can be used for future rewards, including free data, Winegard and partner products, and upcoming giveaways.
  • Additional Points Through Badges & Stickers: Collecting badges and stickers will also contribute to users’ points, allowing for more opportunities to redeem exciting rewards.

“We’re thrilled to introduce RV Halo Rally, which is designed to enhance the RV experience by offering rewards and recognition to our loyal users,” said Scott Blindt, director of application development at Winegard. “We believe this new feature will foster a stronger sense of community and engagement among RV enthusiasts.”

RV Halo Rally is set to launch this 4th of July weekend, providing a new way for RVers to connect, explore and earn rewards. RV Halo Rally is currently only available for iOS users. For more information, click here.

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