Winnebago Adds RV Insurance to Services

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Winnebago has put together a suite of services to support RVers as they enjoy their nomadic life on the go. The newest is RV-specific insurance.

“One of the things new owners are often unclear about is whether they should add their RV to their vehicle policy or to their homeowner’s policy. In fact, like RVs themselves, RV insurance is kind of a hybrid designed to address unique coverage needs,” said Monica Solberg, who manages RV and personal insurance at Farm and City Insurance Services, the company providing Winnebago RV insurance. “For example, auto insurance usually has limited coverage for personal belongings, but that’s exactly what a typical RV is filled with.”

Winnebago RV insurance joins an array of offerings that range from WinnebagoLife, a popular blog that features lifestyle tips, stories and reviews, to a robust owners group, the WIT Club, to Winnebago Premium Roadside Assistance coverage.

A one-stop resource for first-time or experienced RVers, Winnebago Outdoor Adventures offers dozens of professionally guided tours and adventures each year, ranging from shorter, event-specific trips to multi-week meanders across some of the most scenic landscapes in North America.

“With these new services, we’re working hard to make the RV ownership experience as easy and enjoyable as possible,” Winnebago CEO Randy Potts said. “We believe in the lifestyle, we build a great product, and we want people to enjoy it as much as they possibly can.”


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