Winnebago and Elwell Announce New Heating System in 2021 Revel

Winnebago said the Elwell product is a fine addition to its 2021 Revel

Winnebago and Elwell Corp. announce the addition of the Timberline Diesel-Fired Hydronic Heating System to the 4×4 adventure van, the Winnebago Revel.

The Timberline is designed specifically to provide premium heating and hot water in even the most adverse climates. This system efficiently manages energy based on the users desired comfort level using the diesel-fired Autoterm Binar Compact heat source, which is optimized for seamless use at high altitudes and sea level. Comfortable heat is provided by automated air handlers that run softer or harder depending on the climate’s demands. A supplemental 120V heating element is also available for use when the motorhome is plugged into shore power.

“Our goal is to provide comfort and peace of mind wherever your adventures take you,” said Ken Elwell, president of Elwell Corp. “We spent a lot of time designing and developing an easy to use control panel with all the software behind it to manage the system in the best way. We want the customer to be able to set their desired temperature and enjoy their adventure with peace of mind knowing there will be warmth and hot water when they need it and the system will efficiently manage the energy required. The Autoterm burner is a workhorse. It is quiet but powerful and we love the performance.”

“We put a lot of effort into improving the Revel for the 2021 model year, adds Chris Bienert, product manager at Winnebago. “Making the rig easier to operate was one of our goals. We were impressed with the intuitive user interface and smooth operation of the Timberline system. It was clear from the outset that Elwell Corporation had done their research before presenting the system to us.”


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