Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicle Division Offers Antimicrobial Coating


Forest City, Iowa-based Winnebago Industries announces that it has reached an exclusive partnership agreement to provide Polser USA’s permanent antimicrobial coating on the interior walls of Winnebago’s Class A Specialty Vehicles.

According to the RV maker, research shows Polser USA’s antimicrobial (AMB) coating technology eliminates nearly all surface microorganisms within several hours.

“Polser USA’s technology is used to eliminate 99.9 percent of surface microorganisms in a multitude of laboratories, ICUs, medical clinics, and even oncology departments where patients have compromised immune systems,” said Polser USA President Greg Glanders. “As more communities and companies offer mobile medical services and outreach, it only makes sense that these units need to be just as safe and clean as their building counterparts, especially as the global pandemic steers our lifestyles in new directions. We are excited to provide Winnebago and its customers with an extra layer of protection.”

Winnebago’s specialty vehicles sometimes need to be as sterile as a dentist’s office.

Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicles division provides motorhomes used across the country for a multitude of purposes, including mobile health care, education, library services, community outreach and more. Most recently, the division delivered seven mobile childhood advocacy centers to the New York Office of Child and Family Services; the nation’s first zero-emissions mobile surgical instrument lab to the University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA) Health Center; and a food truck serving lunches to disadvantaged areas sponsored by the NFL’s Minnesota Vikings Foundation.

“For the last 40 years, Winnebago Industries Specialty Vehicles has upheld a heritage of design and manufacturing innovation, with a customer-centric approach. Now more than ever, our customers are seeking innovative, protective measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” said Robert Kim, director of Winnebago’s Specialty Vehicle division. “Securing an exclusive agreement with Polser USA for their AMB technology provides our customers with an additional layer of antimicrobial protection and further demonstrates our commitment to innovation.”


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