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Wisconsin Passes RV-Specific Franchise Bill

This week, the Wisconsin State Legislature passed a bill (WI AB 230) to create an RV-specific franchise law which governs the manufacturer-dealer relationship for towable RVs. The bill is now heading to Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers for his signature.

The legislation, like that in other Midwest states, creates a system that better reflects the relationship between RV manufacturers and dealers, and is the product of negotiation between the RV Industry Association (RVIA) and the Wisconsin RV Dealers Alliance, both of whom strongly supported its approval. Passage of the bill was possible thanks to the leadership by Representative Scott Krug and Senator Patrick Testin, RVIA said.

“Passage of this legislation will strengthen the viability of the towable RV industry in Wisconsin to the state’s benefit and that of consumers, manufacturers and dealers alike,” said RV Industry Association Director of State Government Affairs Michael Ochs during his testimony on the bill. “Consumers will benefit from this better relationship between RV manufacturers and dealers since the legislation will improve cooperation between the two on warranty matters, pre-delivery inspection, and other issues. Consumers will also benefit from a more stable environment, knowing that the dealer who sold them an RV will continue carrying those brands.”

Over the years, the RV industry has worked to establish exemptions from parts of the automobile franchise law because many provisions do not pertain to the RV industry or are handled differently by RV manufacturers and dealers than by the automobile industry, RVIA said. As an extension of these efforts, RVIA advocated for an RV-specific franchise law to place the manufacturer-dealer relationship for towable RVs in a separate chapter of law, creating more clarity for RV business and consumers.

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