Wolf’em Sticks Launches New Design 

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Spencer and Tanner Harrison, inventors of the Wolf’em Stick, have released a new addition to its Wolf’em Stick product line – a three-piece design that includes a backward-facing roasting fork, biscuit cooking attachment, and patented rotary handle.

The new roasting fork attachment is ideal for cooking marshmallows, hot dogs and grilled vegetables over the fire. Additionally, the new attachment reduces the possibility of eye injury sometimes caused by the traditional single rod roasting stick.

The biscuit cup attachment is designed to hold biscuit dough in the shape of a cup. The dough on the end of the stick is then roasted for a moment over a fire or heat source. The rotary handle design helps users rotate the dough and cook it evenly, according to the company. After the dough is baked through, users can fill the biscuit cup with anything – from fruit and cream or other desserts to more savory items such as bacon and eggs.

“Wolf’em Sticks take cooking over a campfire to a whole new level,” said Harrison, co-founder and co-CEO of the Wolf’em Stick. “Eighty percent of our customers own or have access to an RV or camper. This product was made with the outdoor enthusiast in mind. Anyone who loves food, fire, friends and fun will love making Wolf’ems.”

Wolf’em Sticks are available in several national chains including Sportsmans Warehouse, Tractor Supply Co., Ace Hardware, and Wilcor International. The Wolf’em Stick product and business plan have won national awards, including being named a DREAM BIG Blue Ribbon Small Business by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

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