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Freedom X 3000

Xantrex Introduces the Freedom X 3000

Last year, Xantrex celebrated 25 years of the legendary Freedom inverter by launching a new series called Freedom X. Xantrex has now added a sixth product to this series — Freedom X 3000, a 3000-watt pure sine wave inverter with built-in 30-amp transfer relay.

The Freedom X 3000 delivers full output up to 104-degrees Fahrenheit with a two-second surge of 6000 watts. The Freedom X 3000 features a large wiring bay with quick connect AC terminals for fast wiring.

The Freedom X 3000, like other members of the Freedom X family, is certified to UL458 with marine supplement and meets FCC Class B standards.

It is also tested for environmental stresses and moisture and corrosion resistance using HALT and SALT-&-FOG chambers. The inverter can be hardwired or installed with an optional GFCI outlet.
The suggested retail price for the Freedom X 3000 is $950.

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