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Yamaha Initiative Celebrates 10 Years

The Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative celebrates its 10-year anniversary in 2018.

Having contributed more than $3.5 million in funding and equipment over the past decade, OAI’s mission is to assist and support outdoor enthusiasts working to protect and improve access to public land, as well as educate the public on its safe, sustainable recreational use.

“Responsible use is critical for creating recreational access opportunities, in addition to protecting against the regular perils of land closures and restrictions,” said Mike Martinez, Yamaha’s RV operations vice president. “For those who rely on access to public land for work and play, the Yamaha Outdoor Access Initiative has proven to be the industry’s most reliable partner, and significant resource. The sheer number of grants and dollars provided by OAI over the last ten years to projects on the ground exemplifies Yamaha’s leadership in ensuring future generations the ability to realize their adventure.”

Yamaha aims to further the program’s mission: to provide practical support for efforts promoting safe, responsible use of OHVs, educate the public on proper recreational land use and wildlife conservation practices, and protect appropriate and sustainable access to public lands.

“The outdoor community is remarkably diverse, yet unified by the necessity of admittance to land. Yamaha is proud to be leading the way for access, and we look forward to many more years as a productive partner with those working to safeguard land available for enjoyment,” said Steve Nessl Yamaha’s RV marketing manager. “We encourage everyone who enjoys outdoor recreation to get educated and get involved. If we can help, send a grant application; your awareness and action allows Yamaha to continue our industry-leading support of important projects nationwide, along with growing the program’s reach for generations to come.”

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