Younger Buyers Pervade Jacksonville Show

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At first glance the Jacksonville, Fla. RV Show at the Equestrian Center seemed to be filled with retirees, looking for the kind of thrills you get when your house is on wheels.

The event, which took place Feb. 11-14, was the second of the FRVTA’s three shows this month, including the Ocala RV Show and the West Palm Beach RV Show. Click here for more show information.

But spend a little longer among the long aisles of travel trailers and campers, a new demographic of traveler emerges, the Florida Times-Union reports.

Folks around the age of 45 are now becoming the main RV buyers said Jeff Crum, the district sales manager for Keystone Outback, an RV brand.

“People went back to family values after the recession,” Crum said. He said trailers provide an inexpensive vacation for families; his customers mainly look for something under $300 a month.

Lower gas prices also help make RV’ing more affordable, too, said Crum.

Adam and Christina King, 36, from Amelia Island, said they’re interested in a pop-up camper for weekend trips with their two small kids.

“We wanted something that’s not iPhones or TVs,” said Adam King, 35, who plans to take the camper to parks around the area with his Jeep.

Amanda Welch, 29, and her husband Cooper, 40, drove from Tallahassee to see what the show offered. They said they already have a camper, but want something bigger to fit their two small boys.


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