Fasteners and Hardware are the Products, but Resolving Inventory Issues is a Specialty


When Jim Hooper founded fastener and component supplier American Bolt & Screw more than 65 years ago, he staked the company’s reputation on service and quality. 

More than 65 years later, his commitment to service and quality is one reason that Hooper continues to oversee a growing supply company that now includes seven locations throughout the U.S. and headquarters in Fontana, Calif.

“I’ve put many years of sweat and hard work into my company and I enjoy every minute of it,” Hooper says. 

His personality is contagious and explains the loyalty of American Bolt & Screw employees and customers, according to National Contracts Manager Sergio Diaz. 

“Jim Hooper is one of a kind, a hardworking man whose leadership continues to take American Bolt & Screw to new heights,” Diaz says. 

The company has continued to grow over the years, now distributing quality fastener and hardware products to manufacturer partners from warehouses in Indiana, California, Oregon, Georgia, Texas, Arizona, and its most recent addition, in Baja, Mexico. Three additional distribution centers, in Idaho, Pennsylvania and Alabama, fill out the network and ensure speedy deliveries. 

Through these network locations, OEM partners access both ABS’s readily available supply of quality fasteners, as well as the resources of its veteran sales team. These in-field sales reps remain integral to delivering the company’s commitment to service and quality, and each team member has spent more than 10 years working in the fastener industry. 

“Fasteners and hardware is what we specialize in, so if you’re looking for an experienced and reputable supplier, look no further,“ Diaz says.

But American Bolt & Screw team members go beyond being available for their manufacturer clients. The team provides a hands-off approach to inventory management, making weekly visits to factories to assess inventory, fill shortages and resolve inventory issues on the spot.

“Our sales reps are out in the field daily, taking care of our customers and promoting American Bolt & Screw,” Diaz says.  

Delivering on its promise to quality, the company performs quality checks of each product it offers at a $1 million testing facility at its California headquarters. 

The facility includes in-house corrosion testing with a salt fog chamber. Quality team members also check products for thread pitch, torque strength and brittleness, ensuring that American Bolt & Screw customers get products that live up to the reputation the company has backed for more than six decades. 

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