Latest Innovations Bolster Reese's Trailblazer Reputation


The Reese® brand, which has become ubiquitous with heavy-duty towing and reliability in dealerships and RV repair shops across the U.S., started with an innocent challenge more than 60 years ago.

In the 1940s, Margaret Reese noticed a common issue with trailers of the time and challenged her husband TJ to create something to stop trailers from rocking when walked through. Several years later, TJ Reese presented his wife with his solution to the problem.

Like any challenge, the primary objective was performance – the invention had to work. TJ’s invention was incredibly effective. Now known as the world’s first stabilizing jacks, it’s unlikely either of the Reeses knew the full extent of the impact the innovation would have on the RV industry, forging a new trail in RV products, and growing into the most respected name in heavy-duty towing among RV professionals after 64 years, and counting.

Today, Reese features an array of towing and hitch solutions that include a full lineup of fifth wheel hitches, pin boxsolutions, and weight distribution systems, among other products. True to the spirit of Reese’s original challenge, the company’s modern lineup continues to meet the objective when performance is the expectation.

As any veteran of the RV aftermarket can attest, a brand-loyal following is won by exceeding customer expectations, and Reese aims to meet that gold standard. For example, each design in the company’s fifth wheel hitch offering,which spans from 15K up to 30K, undergoes rigorous testing to meet, and often times exceed, industry standards.

To expand the reach of fifth wheel products, Reese designed a line of pin boxes to give added clearance. The Fifth Airborne™, an air ride pin box that acts as a buffer between the tow vehicle and trailer, reduces vertical shock and longitudinal chucking to deliver a smooth, quiet ride. For short bed pickups, the Sidewinder™ allows towers to make up to a 90-degree turn with ease, and the Elite™ Airborne Sidewinder™ Combo – as the name suggests – is the best of both of them.

In addition to reliability and performance, Reese proudly carries another of its founding traditions: innovation. The Reese Goose Box™ bridges the long-standing gulf between gooseneck and fifth wheel hitches, allowing a gooseneck hitch user to pull a fifth wheel trailer without installing additional equipment.

The ease at which the Goose Box transitions the truck bed led Senior Product Manager Tom Stalder to describe the innovation as “the lightest – and smallest – fifth wheel you’llever buy”. “Think about it,” Stalder said. “You can take the ball out with one hand and put it in your glove box. Your bed is wide-open and ready to use.”

In its latest innovation, the Reese STEADi-Flex® delivers robust functionality by providing sway control with weight distribution. The product fits up to a seven-inch frame with bottom-mount couplers. In what is becoming characteristic of Reese products, its engineers went beyond functionality in the design to give installers a simple, no-drill installation.

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